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        Newbery Honor Winner and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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Want to see a list of historical sources for Jefferson's Sons? Click here
"A big, important work of historical investigation and imagination. The tale has never before been told this well." Kirkus Reviews, starred.

The reviews for Jefferson's Sons have been fantastic--stars all around. The discussion is getting pretty interesting, too. What do you think?

For Freedom: the Story of a French Spy. Click here to read an excerpt.
"This taut, engrossing World War II novel...resonates with authenticity, excitement and heart...Will thrill historical fiction fans."
--Starred, Booklist

"An exciting account of a girl's coming of age in a scary time."
--Starred, Kirkus Reviews

"A highly compelling look at the covert battle for freedom."
--Publisher's Weekly

Halfway to the Sky. Click here to read an excerpt
"Remarkably affecting... Bradley allows her gutsy heroine to manage extreme physical and emotional stresses in a way that's both believable and reassuring."

"It's nice to see an outdoorsy bonding story about women, especially mother and daughter, and readers will find the family drama affecting."
--Recommended, The Bulletin

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"A fascinating look at an intriguing world." Kirkus Reviews, starred.

"...resonates with authenticity, excitement, and heart..." Booklist, starred.

"Remarkably affecting." Booklist